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The Original


The Sonata surrounds the torso with firm, yet flexible support. It corrects posture and supports the core to allow the muscles to exert less effort in supporting the weight of the body, relieving back pain.

Sonata Features

  • Give yourself a Lift!

    Our Support Garment can cure droopy bustlines to give you a lift!

  • Enhancing your Shape!

    Smooths abdominal are and lower-back rolls

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Before & After


My initial reaction was the bra felt comfortable. At first, I thought it wasn't going to feel comfortable then I put it on and was actually amazed by it.

Hannah S.

The bra fit me perfectly! I was able to move around a lot without things flying everywhere. It was perfect and very snug.

Ashlynn D.

Using the measurement chart, it was really easy to find the correct bra size for me.

Faith H.

I thought the bra was really nice because it didn't feel like it was falling off and fit pretty comfortably.

Jezlynn N.

The first bra I tried according to the size chart fit fine. I was really surprised because I usually have a hard time finding bras that fit. For me to find my size the first time, it was really impressive.

Sophia R.

Performing in the bra was good! The shape was good, the structure was great, and it didn't show. The bra came with removable straps which I really liked.

Audrey B.

My first impression of the bra was it looked very sleek and the material looked like it was good quality. The boning gives a good amount of structure, but it's not too stiff to where you can't move in it.

Gege L.

After performing in the bra, I like the support the boning and the longer length gave along with the Sonata. It held everything in and I felt very snatched in the waist!

Lexi T.

When I put the bra on, I really liked the non-slip elastic around the bottom. I usually go for a bra shape that's higher, but I didn't feel like I was going anywhere in this bra.

Naomi N.

I liked the long length of the bra because it felt like it would stay up better and offer more support.

Rebecca B.

After performing in the bra, I feel like it held in place really nicely. With other bras, I feel like I have to adjust in the middle of a performance or during dress changes. By the end of the show, I hadn't adjusted this bra once.

Rita D.

I felt very confident performing in this bra and it lifted all our attributes. The bra kept everything tight and kept our posture.

Aliyah J.

As a show choir performer, the bra really helped my performance quality. I was much more comfortable on stage and in my costumes. I felt secure and very put together. I was at no point uncomfortable in the bra.

Elizabeth J.

As a band member, the bra helped me with my breathing. It was comfortable enough that I almost forgot it was there.

Kelsie E.

Using the bra while performing, I felt like the bra improved my posture and helped me dance better.

Lacharity W.

From my experience wearing the bra in the show, the bra didn't move at all and it felt really good under the Sonata. Some bras I try on don't feel that good with the Sonata and they're not held right in place. This bra works perfectly with the Sonata.

Kelsey H.

I knew the bra wasn't going anywhere. It doesn't shift at all or turn like some other bras do especially with it being strapless. It really stays in place.

Anna P.

After the performance, I found that the bra stayed up the whole time and it was supportive.

Bella C.

After performing in the bra, my initial reaction is that it doesn't slide whatsoever and it lifts everything up without making anything look fake.

Caitlyn M.

The material is nice and soft. The bra itself fit snug which is good for a strapless bra since it needs extra support so I was very impressed by it.

Madison A.

For the performance, I was sitting down and the bra helped with my posture.

Darice W.