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Extended Length Strapless Bra

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Revitalize your confidence with our Extended Length Strapless Bra – a true game-changer crafted for those who seek a strapless bra without the inevitable sliding down. The foundation of any great outfit is a well-fitted bra, ensuring you feel and look your best. Engineered for versatility, our Convertible Extended Length Strapless Bra is designed to stay in place, delivering the support you need without any unwelcome shifts.

Strapless Bra Features

  • Strapless w/ anti-slip elastic
  • Convertible straps w/metal hooks
  • Extended length
  • Flexible steel boning
  • Firm molded cups
  • Thick underwire casing to prevent poking 

This premium undergarment is created using high-quality materials and always manufactured in USA.

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Extended Length Strapless Bra Front
Extended Length Strapless Bra w/Strap Front
Extended Length Strapless Bra w/ Strap Side
Extended Length Strapless Bra w/Strap 2 Front
Extended Length Strapless Bra Hook & Eye Closure
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"My first impression of the bra was it looked very sleek and the material looked like it was good quality. The boning gives a good amount of structure, but it's not too stiff to where you can't move in it."

Gege L

"Using the measurement chart, it was really easy to find the correct bra size for me."

Faith H

"The first bra I tried according to the size chart fit fine. I was really surprised because I usually have a hard time finding bras that fit. For me to find my size the first time, it was really impressive."

Sophia R

"I knew the bra wasn't going anywhere. It doesn't shift at all or turn like some other bras do especially with it being strapless. It really stays in place."

Anna P

"Performing in the bra was good! The shape was good, the structure was great, and it didn't show. The bra came with removable straps which I really liked."

Audrey B